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Hand loomed silk, hand stitching, closely held knowledge, passed down from generation to generation.  Where can one find such things in these days of mass processed goods?  You can find it here at Fleur de Leigh, where we specialize in the very best.  We strive to bring you the very finest of goods for inspirational and luxurious living.

If you're envirnomentally conscious, you'll like us too.  Because all of our items are made by hand, there is no electricity used in their making.  There are also no chemicals used.  I'll be posting the process soon that is used for making the papeir mache items.  The shellac is made from hand collected tree resin and the dyes are all natural colorings made from vegetable dyes and mineral powders. 

Don't see exactly what you're looking for?  Just ask.  Because everything is made individually, most of our items can be ordered in sizes and colors of your choosing.  We are happy to accommodate special orders.


 Pashmina wool with hand embroidery.

    From hand loomed silk 
        to hand stitch cotton. 

Curtains and table cloths... coming soon.

Wall hangings... coming soon.

coming soon.

Hand carved furniture....
coming soon.

  Papier Mache... coming soon.

Fleur de Leigh
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